5 Reasons Why A Short-Term Apartment Beats a Hotel

31st March 2023

When booking a short-term break or searching for a place to stay for business, there are a number of options to choose from to suit your requirements. Depending on location, the number of rooms required, and the type of amenities you need are all factors that will help with the selection process.

But what is the better option between a hotel and a short-term rental apartment? There is certainly a wide range of benefits for the latter choice. When it comes to searching for an apartment to stay in for a couple of days or even a few weeks you’re able to select from an impressive variety of places that open up more opportunities than if you were to check into a hotel for that duration. Here are our five reasons why a short-term apartment beats a hotel.

Apartments have More Space

In comparison to a hotel room which may be limited in space, unless you have the luxury of upgrading to a suite, apartments will have more space and will provide you with the freedom to make it your own. You won’t just be confined to sitting on the bed and working from a small desk you can barely fit your laptop on. Instead, there’ll most likely be a living room area, a kitchen to enjoy cooking your own food, and the potential of more than one bedroom to have guests or family stay around. This is particularly beneficial if you plan on extending your stay to a long-term arrangement due to circumstances with work or if you’re moving house and this has been delayed. It provides some stability in your routine instead of having to move around multiple times.

More Furniture and Equipment

The apartment can become a real home away from home thanks to its extensive range of amenities. In a hotel, you’d be lucky if there was a kettle, glasses and a hairdryer. Apartments are much more well equipped with bigger wardrobes to store all your clothes, and plates so that you’re not eating out of takeaway containers, and sometimes comfortable seating areas away from the bedroom where you can switch off after work. How many times have you been in a hotel and thought, ah there’s no corkscrew? With rental apartments, you don’t have to worry about these assets because they’re already in place.

More of a Personal Experience

Thanks to this relaxed and settled environment, you’ll have a much more personal experience compared to if you were to stay in a hotel. You can lounge around in your pjs without being disturbed by housekeeping, giving you plenty of privacy to come and go as you please. It also becomes a more social environment as you’ll be able to invite others to join you. Plus you’ll feel more like a local because you’ll be amongst the realms of those that live there. This enticing prospect will encourage you to get out there, and explore the surrounding area with its array of cafes, shops and sights. You’ll also be able to do things on your timeline and not be restricted by restaurant times in a hotel.

Home away from Home

Unlike hotels that can lack personality, creativity and contemporary styling in an apartment can make it feel a home from home You can make your own additions with fresh flowers and have the chance to feel more relaxed and inspired by your surroundings. If you’re staying with family for the duration, then this becomes much easier than booking multiple rooms in a hotel which may be on different levels to one another, as you’ll be able to book an apartment that will accommodate the number of people staying. This will feel even more special because you’re sharing the experience together and making new memories.

Save Money

We all know that hotels over the last few years have become more and more expensive. Renting an apartment can be significantly cheaper than even an average hotel room. You can also cater for yourself avoiding expensive hotel breakfasts for example. With rented apartments WIFI whereas some hotels charge after a certain allocation of free time online.

It’s likely that the longer you stay the better value per night you’ll receive because of your commitment, compared to a hotel where you’re paying a fixed rate per night.

Why Stay with StayLets

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